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🔍 How about unpacking the retractable dining table?


Since the retractable dining table does not occupy a large area, you can use the stretching function according to your own use, so it is very suitable for you who want to save space! From a two-person table to a six-person table👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, or even from a four-person table to a ten-person table, there is no problem at all! Invite relatives and friends to be guests at home and just post it! 😎


Telescopic dining tables are mainly made of solid wood, marble or glass; the sound of solid wood telescopic dining tables is smaller than that of marble or glass when stretched, and the appearance is more stable, so many families choose solid wood dining tables. In addition to solid wood, a new material has emerged in recent years - "slate", which is resistant to high temperatures, scratches and stains.

Do you think the retractable dining table is very suitable for your needs?

Macau Baili Furniture Center provides retractable dining tables in various sizes and materials, there is always one that suits your favorite! 👏🏻

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