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How to choose the right comb material

Technology cloth
Technology cloth is known as "breathing fabric", and there are two types of styles: cloth feeling and leather feeling. Among them, the leather-feeling technical fabric has the fashion sense of leather, and also has the breathability of fabric.

How to choose the right comb material

Advantages of technical cloth:

  • With good air permeability, (even in summer) the sitting feeling is very comfortable
  • Super wear-resistant, longer service life
  • More stain-resistant, easier to care for and clean than ordinary fabric sofas
  • more environmentally friendly

The fabric sofa feels warm and comfortable. There are many kinds of fabrics, light and soft, and good air permeability; the styles are relatively novel and diverse, and the most important thing is the price is affordable.

How to choose the right comb material

Advantages of fabric:

  • Good air permeability
  • The style is more novel, the color is changeable
  • popular price

I believe everyone has a little understanding of sofa fabrics.

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