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  • Daily cleaning should not be too complicated

Use a rag or a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt. When encountering slight stains, use a rag dipped in water and wipe gently on the sofa; if you encounter stubborn stains, you need to use a special leather comb cleaner with a slightly damp cloth wipe.

  • Leather maintenance oil should not be applied too much

After cleaning, apply leather maintenance oil on the dry dermis, but it is not advisable to apply too much to avoid clogging the pores of the dermis. It is recommended to maintain the sofa at night and before going out, and then let it stand for half a day to one day.

  • Faux leather combs do not apply oily maintenance fluid

The imitation leather sofa contains latex ingredients, so it should not be waxed or oiled, otherwise it will cause the imitation leather to harden or crack.

  • Do not mess with chemicals

Each piece of leather is treated differently, and it is not recommended to use commercially available chemical cleaners, polishes, alcohol, and disinfectants to avoid damage to the leather.

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